Taking one step after another, arrive in the center of your writing.

— Natalie Goldberg

In Process Coaching grows directly out of writing practice and my work with Natalie Goldberg, as well as my own years of writing and teaching. Using meditation, writing practice, deep reading, and close listening, I take my clients from naked writing practice to fully dressed, publication-ready work.

•       If you have a desire to write, but haven’t found a way in, or you are writing but want to go deeper,

•       If you see writing as a way of connecting to the world, something larger than production and publication,

•       If you understand writing as a process and a path and believe that progress doesn’t necessarily move neatly from Point A to Point B,

•       If you have an established meditation practice or other mindfulness practice, or you would like to establish one in conjunction with writing,

 I’d love to work with you. 

(C) 2011 Saundra Goldman